• Communicating to your diverse audience
    just got easier!

    Interactive Voice Response Mobile Alert System
    Location Specific Messaging Personalized Messaging
    Short Messaging Service

  • Social outreach system.
    pre-built, customizable, ready to use sans IT know-how

    Using sollu reach out to millions with just basic phone
    Communication in their native language Connect without Internet

  • Timely patient engagement.
    Creating lasting impressions sans IT know-how.

    Increase medicine adherence Help maintain healthy lifestyle
    Appointments and Health reminders

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Sollu is a cloud based platform enabling organizations engage with their users with pre-built communication using interactive text and voice messages in their native language.

Key Sollu features

SMS text messaging

Inbound and out bound calls

Mobile alert systems

Quizzes, Poll surveys

Personalized messaging

Inbound SMS parsing

Location specific messaging

Interactive Voice Response

System (IVRS)


Social Outreach

Setup Social outreach programs in minutes, without any technology know-how to reachout to enable millions who

  • Do not know how to read or write
  • Live in villages and remote areas
  • Do not have internet connections
  • Have minimal featured phones
  • Speak and understand only native languages
  • Live at any part of the world

Patient Engagement

A Simple patient communication and engagement tool,
leveraging the power of mobile phone to

Make Appointments Educate Patients Monitor Responses
Maintain Communication Help Maintain Their health

Sollu Technology Platform

Hosted, Managed SaaS

Multi Lingual Applications

Free to end user service

Data Analytics for research and Evaluation purposes

Scalable - locally and globally. Yet, no complicated telecom procedures

Sollu works in smart phones & Basic phones

Prevention and Wellness

  • Maternal Health
  • Child Health
  • Child Nutrition
  • Family Planning

Disease Management

  • HIV Management
  • Maternal Health
  • Diabetes Self Mgmt
  • Cholesterol Self Mgmt

Medicine Adherence

  • TB Medicine Adherence
  • Pyschiatric Medication
  • Diabetes Care Giver Mgmt
  • Hypertension Self Mgmt

Other programs

  • Immunization Schedules
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Alchohol Cessation

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